Your company and product names, your messages , the typography and colors you use, and every other visual element in your communication are crucial aspects of connecting with your customers and conveying to them your brand values.

We're not talking about technology yet. At this stage we work on creating the "face" of your business a unique and creative identity that adds value to your business and is easily remembered by your customers.

The first step is to understand your vision, your goals and the barriers to them, your business processes, and the personality you wish to bring out in your company. Equally important is knowing your clients, their needs and behaviors, and the ways to connect with them emotionally. Benchmark and image analysis of other companies will help you determine how to differentiate your business in the market.

znerg will help you define your brand and corporate identity, logotype, typography and color palette, additional graphic elements, and complete visual system as well as organize the application of all these in diverse graphic communication pieces (e.g., in your business cards, letterhead, website, environment application, and signs).

We have more than 15 years of experience in creating identities for many businesses and products, so you can rest assured that we have the specialist skill to give your business that head start that will greatly increase your chances of success, and thereby add value to your company.



Even more important than the look of a product or application, the user experience (UX) is the part of product development that creates products that communicate and interact with end users in an intimate way. Intuitive, easy to use, organized, consistent all these are qualities of a great UX.

Experience in working with end users and how they interact with products in different scenarios is fundamental to determine what works best for your particular product or service.

Many years of helping clients improve their UX has allowed us at znerg to create a knowledge base of what works and what doesn't. We are constantly monitoring changes in user preferences, new trends, new media formats, and new devices to produce updated and competitive experiences that will connect with your users and increase your product usability and client retention.



Once UX has been taken care of, it is time to define how your product or application is going to look. Here, less is usually more. Design should follow functionality and not the other way around. What is important is to connect your application with your identity and logo and to convey a professional image. A sloppy design will damage your business image and diminish any effort you have made behind the scenes (i.e., those not visible to your client).

At znerg we believe that a mobile-first approach is the best strategy in developing applications. Statistics point to one definite direction. Users are moving from desktop computers to mobile devices.

For us, being mobile doesn't mean creating a limited, barely useful application. We know all the different options available on mobile applications and maximize all those resources to create rich and powerful applications that can do as much as their desktop counterparts.

When it comes to web interfaces, responsive design is mandatory. Usability and appearance are the cornerstone of our design process.

At znerg we create user interfaces that are pieces of art, that engage end users, and that exude quality through every pixel in their screens.



Dozens of books have been written about SEO. Many so-called specialists have promised secret formulas that guarantee top organic search results. But the truth is there's no magic solution that will rank you #1 in Google searches.

Search engines are complex pieces of software that have, at their core, many advanced algorithms that are not of public domain and are continuously updated to improve UX.

Here at znerg we have developed formulas that consistently provide positive results-formulas we also implement on our websites. We constantly update our research on this field to give our clients competitive edge in organic search.



Conventional marketing strategies have been phased out by new, innovative and revolutionary online strategies. Money is no longer a barrier to reaching your business's target audience. Now your most important asset in marketing is creativity.

We will implement an online marketing strategy based on your business goals. And through analytic and metric tools, we will measure the effectiveness of each strategy so you can determine the cost of your user acquisition.

Some of the strategies we can use to promote your business are

  • Emailing
  • Direct marketing
  • Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • YouTube (viral videos)
  • Blogging
  • PR sites